HAPPY BIRTHDAY magnumformer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (blows party tooter)


@zombierooster full dental extraction + blowjob/eating out


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta milk my werewolf boyfriend

combo promo/reblog for a follow


ok!! i started this blog a little over a week ago, and my dashboard is still a bit slow and empty, so i’m gonna ask for a combination of a promo and “reblog if you want me to follow” type deal.

i’m a nsfw blog that posts a variety of stuff, including gore, xeno/monsters, and more (that list is still, and will probably be permanently, under construction)

here’s my f-list (again, permanently in the works and relatively tame as of right now) and a picture of me

i’m interested in new people to follow, talk with, and maybe roleplay partners! 

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